Business Overview

PayEx is a South African based payroll outsourcing and processing company that forms part of the HRWS Group of Companies, offering professional and tailored cloud based payroll services for every size employer and providing everything a business needs to outsource and/or manage this function. PayEx is committed to using the latest technology and practices to provide a fast, reliable and personal service. PayEx can assist with payroll in the following countries:

- Angola
- Botswana
- Democratic Republic of Congo
- Ghana
- Lesotho
- Kenya
- Malawi
- Malta
- Mauritius
- Mozambique
- Namibia
- Nigeria
- Rwanda
- South Africa
- Swaziland
- Tanzania
- Uganda
- Zambia
- Zimbabwe

Why Outsource

Outsourcing payroll is primarily about Cost, Competence and Compliance. It works towards generating benefits for the employer, such as reduction in time required for payroll processing, increased functionality and accuracy. Outsourcing your payroll will also improve focus on core business and enable growth without manpower constraints.

Payroll Outsourcing HRWS

PayEx Cloud-Based Services

1. Secure Cloud Self-Service System

  • Secure cloud-based application

  • Cloud-based self service for employees

  • Paperless maintenance of employee details

  • View pay slips on cloud (no paper)

  • View leave and leave entitlement on cloud

  • Information management online

  • Leave application online

  • View IRP5s on cloud

2. Leave Administration

  • PayEx manages leave records and history effectively and integrates with cloud

  • Full reporting on leave transactions

  • View leave detail and history per employee

  • View leave reasons per employee

  • Leave balances available per employee

  • Fully integrates with our secure Self Service Cloud System cloud

3. Employee History & Information Management

  • Comprehensive employee details and history

  • Customised HR reports combining employee history and payroll

  • Employee history can be viewed on-screen or printed

  • Functionality includes:

    • Medical Information

    • Training Information

    • Qualifications

    • Disciplinary Actions

    • Leave (Taken & Available)

4. Employment Equity

  • Complete employee details required for the management of Employment Equity

  • Compiling and printing of all Equity reports as required by the Department of Labour of South Africa (EEA2 & EEA4)

5. Skills Development

  • Capture planned training per employee

  • Capture actual training and costing

  • Record keeping of all training details

System Functionality

PayEx will provide these services using Sage VIP Premier Payroll & HRM Software which contains the latest legislative changes for accurate and up to date calculations. PayEx hosts this system in our cloud (

This sophisticated solution that integrates payroll and HR coupled with PayEx’s highly competent payroll staff and the super reliable cloud services hosted by MWEB makes PayEx a market leader when it comes to payroll outsourcing.